[PEAK] Re: Peak Rules status

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Feb 28 10:36:40 EST 2008

At 08:19 AM 2/28/2008 -0700, Mark Ramm wrote:
> >  It's probably actually closer to being finished than RuleDispatch
> >  is.  :)  There have been a few bug reports here and there, but
> >  they've all been things I've been able to fix within 30 minutes of
> >  hearing about them.  :)
> >
> >  If it would help, I could go ahead and register the development
> >  version of PEAK-Rules with the cheeseshop, using a "dev" link to SVN,
> >  so you can easy_install the dev versions.  Everything else that it
> >  depends on  (BytecodeAssembler, DecoratorTools, AddOns, SymbolType,
> >  and Extremes) has stable binary releases on the Cheeseshop at the moment.
>Thanks, that's very good news!
>If you could register it that would be great.   We might also be
>willing to help out with beginner docs after we get it put into TG2 ;)

It's now registered with PyPI as a dev link, so as long as you have 
subversion, you should be able to easy_install it now.

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