[PEAK] dispatch speedups and pyqt applications

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Jul 18 15:24:47 EDT 2005

At 02:08 PM 7/18/2005 -0500, Matthew Scott wrote:

>Is anyone using RuleDispatch along with PyQt in an application?
>I am experiencing a problem when using dispatch built --with-speedups,
>wherein the program hangs after the QApplication.exec_loop() method
>ends.  A Ctrl-C is required to completely exit the app.
>Interestingly, if I rebuild dispatch --without-speedups, this problem
>doesn't occur.

That's really weird.  Is PyProtocols built with speedups also, or no?  Does 
it make any difference to the behavior?

>For now, I need to charge ahead and so am going to disable speedups for
>the time being.  But I am willing to put some time in soon in another
>attempt at creating a minimal test case if there is interest.

Please do; I don't have Qt or PyQt available to me the moment, but I'm most 
curious about what could cause this.  I can't think of any way in which 
problems in the C code could manifest in such an odd way.

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