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Daniel Mahler mahler at cyc.com
Wed Jul 11 12:05:53 EDT 2001


 > The main issues with Jython are XML and the lack of 

In what sense do you meant that XML is an issue for Jython?
What would be the issues with  using the various java xml apis
from jython?

 > ExtensionClasses.  Interestingly, it may be possible to add many of 
 > ExtensionClasses' most useful features to Jython, and I may look
 > into it at 
 > some point.  The most useful feature would be the __of__ protocol,
 > since 

Do you know of any good ExtensionClasses documentation?
I would be interested in looking into this myself.


 > that would enable you to write Acquisition, ComputedAttributes, 
 > MethodObjects, and many other useful things in Python without even dropping 
 > down to the Java level.  If you had that and "Persistent", you could almost 
 > do a Jython version of Zope (Jope?).
 > (By the way, I prefer to receive and answer TransWarp-related messages via 
 > the TransWarp mailing list, so that others can receive the benefits of any 
 > information I give out, and so that others can help with the answering of 
 > questions.  Thanks.)
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