[TransWarp] Jython and TransWarp

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Jul 11 12:20:05 EDT 2001

At 11:05 AM 7/11/01 -0500, Daniel Mahler wrote:

>In what sense do you meant that XML is an issue for Jython?

The standard Python XML API's don't seem to be available from Jython (e.g. 
SAX).  I haven't been able to get TW.SOX to work under Jython as a 
result.  But perhaps I'm missing something there.

>What would be the issues with  using the various java xml apis
>from jython?

I'd need to learn those API's and set up TW.SOX to detect the platform and 
act accordingly.  Jython support isn't high enough on my priorities to do 
such a thing at present.  I do intend to avoid breaking Jython support as 
much as I can.  But where active work is required to support Jython (e.g. 
XML), I'm avoiding it for now.

So, as you said, TransWarp does support doing AOP in Jython right now, and 
I played around with a recent CVS so I know that's still the case for the 
current version.  Apparently Eval() objects aren't going to work 
right.  So, currently, the known compatibility issues between Jython and 
TransWarp are:

* No ExtensionClasses

* The xml-sig XML API's don't appear to be available for Jython, and

* Eval() objects break due to lack of 'co_names' support.

Which means that all you can use are the Aspect/Component capabilities 
which don't rely on any of the above.  It blew my mind that even that stuff 
worked, though, considering what all it does.  Then again, the only really 
magical thing that gets done is the creation of new class objects, and 
that's something that *any* Python implementation has to be able to do 
anyhow.  It's just that Jython prior to 2.1alpha didn't supply Python code 
with the ability to do it without exec'ing a 'class' statement.

>  > ExtensionClasses.  Interestingly, it may be possible to add many of
>  > ExtensionClasses' most useful features to Jython, and I may look
>  > into it at
>  > some point.  The most useful feature would be the __of__ protocol,
>  > since
>Do you know of any good ExtensionClasses documentation?

Apart from what comes with the source?  Not really.

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