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PEAK API Reference: peak.metamodels  

Metamodelling/CASE Tools

Misc. To-do (mostly TransWarp leftovers)

  • Add ASDL model of the Python language

  • Helper methods in Elements & Services for marshalling, common queries, etc.

  • Code generation framework

    • Tagged values in stereotypes vs. main values?

    • Should tagged values be copied directly into templates? Treated as Python expressions?

    • Should Services be generated using an Element class' "static" (class-scope) methods/attributes?

      • Are association-ends scoped?

      • Would it be better to seperate them?

    • What determines whether an implemented Service actually stores objects or delegates this to its subclass services?

  • Simple demo (browse XMI model via the web)

Modules and Packages   



peak.model ASDL for ASDL


MOF 1.3.1 implementation as a PEAK domain model - far from finished yet


A peak.model metamodel for manipulating UML models


A peak.model metamodel for manipulating UML models


Metamodelling/CASE Tools



Domain logic and convenience features for manipulating OMG Models

Table of Contents

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