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PEAK API Reference: peak.metamodels.UML14  

A peak.model metamodel for manipulating UML models

This package can be used directly as a metamodel for a XMI 1.0 To see the actual structure of the metamodel, see the enclosed peak.metamodels.UML14.model package.

When using this package, however, you can completely ignore the model subpackage, and import directly from UML14. Keep in mind that due to the use of package inheritance, all subpackages/submodules of the model subpackage also exist in UML14. So you can import peak.metamodels.UML14.Model_Management even though there is no file in the UML14 directory. You should not import items from the model subpackage directly unless you wish to inherit from them without using the convenience extensions defined in the outer package.

Modules and Packages   



Convenience module for use with XMI 1.1


A peak.model metamodel for manipulating UML models


Structural Model for UML 1.4 - Generated from peak/metamodels/UML_1.4_01-02-15.xml

Table of Contents

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