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First post etc.

I started playing with Trellis in order to use it for managing GUI events,
but I don't use it at all presently. I like to follow the mailing list
though, since its an interesting library and in sync with my own views as
how programs should be composed.

I am considering using Trellis as the glue layer between the main
application (which will be mostly non-Python) and a plugin system (which
will be pure Python) of my current project.

Probably not much use to you. ;-) I am pleased to see people are interested
in maintaining this library though!


2009/6/12 Sergey Schetinin <maluke at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I was thinking about it for months, but I think it's time to fork
> Trellis -- Phillip is busy with other things and I don't want to
> bother him with endless requests. Trellis the way it is now is a great
> start but it could use a lot more work -- I'm willing to put that work
> in and I think Andrew Svetlov would participate as well.
> I'm about to launch a number of projects into production and I want to
> make sure all of the dependencies are well maintained -- for Trellis
> that seems to mean it needs forking. I also think Trellis needs more
> that just bugfixing, so I'm not sure if there's way not to fork it.
> Well, maybe except for taking over it completely, but it's unlikely
> anyone would want that and I still want to see where Phillip want to
> take Trellis himself -- clearly I can't pretend I'm as good as he is.
> To avoid conflicts I'd change the import names to
> from trellis import *
> from trellis.activity import *
> etc.
> Some things I think I'll do right away after forking:
>  * apply the bugfixes I've sent before
>  * drop py2.3 support
>  * add more comments to source code to make it easier to understand
> for people just learning the system (and when coming back to it after
> a while), I'd also rewrite some parts for clarity but without
> compromising performance.
>  * add some more practical examples
>  * reorganize source code:
>   * comment out some classes not reported to be used in actual
> projects: testing is good but not enough.
>   * add utility modules, for example wx utilities (WXEventLoop would
> move there as well)
>   * reorganize test suite
> There's plenty more, but that's enough for a start I think.
> So my questions are:
>  * any reasons I shouldn't do this?
>  * is "trellis" as package name ok? (it would be trellis-fork on pypi
> and similar)
>  * can this mailing list be used for discussion of this fork?
> I also wonder how many users Trellis has. If you use it, please say a
> few words about your project at least if it's in a hobby / academia /
> business software / other class. Thanks.
> I use it for GUI in end-user software and async networking on the server.
> --
> Best Regards,
> Sergey Schetinin
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