[PEAK] Trellis future (forking)

Sergey Schetinin maluke at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 07:22:46 EDT 2009


I was thinking about it for months, but I think it's time to fork
Trellis -- Phillip is busy with other things and I don't want to
bother him with endless requests. Trellis the way it is now is a great
start but it could use a lot more work -- I'm willing to put that work
in and I think Andrew Svetlov would participate as well.

I'm about to launch a number of projects into production and I want to
make sure all of the dependencies are well maintained -- for Trellis
that seems to mean it needs forking. I also think Trellis needs more
that just bugfixing, so I'm not sure if there's way not to fork it.
Well, maybe except for taking over it completely, but it's unlikely
anyone would want that and I still want to see where Phillip want to
take Trellis himself -- clearly I can't pretend I'm as good as he is.

To avoid conflicts I'd change the import names to

from trellis import *
from trellis.activity import *


Some things I think I'll do right away after forking:
 * apply the bugfixes I've sent before
 * drop py2.3 support
 * add more comments to source code to make it easier to understand
for people just learning the system (and when coming back to it after
a while), I'd also rewrite some parts for clarity but without
compromising performance.
 * add some more practical examples
 * reorganize source code:
   * comment out some classes not reported to be used in actual
projects: testing is good but not enough.
   * add utility modules, for example wx utilities (WXEventLoop would
move there as well)
   * reorganize test suite

There's plenty more, but that's enough for a start I think.

So my questions are:
 * any reasons I shouldn't do this?
 * is "trellis" as package name ok? (it would be trellis-fork on pypi
and similar)
 * can this mailing list be used for discussion of this fork?

I also wonder how many users Trellis has. If you use it, please say a
few words about your project at least if it's in a hobby / academia /
business software / other class. Thanks.

I use it for GUI in end-user software and async networking on the server.

Best Regards,
Sergey Schetinin

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