[PEAK] (Z)ConfigLoader gives me a tuple when I just want a component

Giles Brown giles_brown at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 6 10:16:21 EDT 2006

In http://peak.telecommunity.com/doc/CHANGES.txt.html I found stuff 
describing how
to create a component as configuration property from a ZConfig schema + 
config file.

   [Named Services]
     peak.naming.factories.myschema = \

   which runs somewhat faster at lookup time.  Similarly, one can also use
   'naming.Reference("myschema",["somefile"])' in place of a
   'naming.LinkRef("ref:myschema at filename")'.  As well as being faster, for
   some use cases it's easier to 'Reference' directly than to glue together
   a 'ref:' URL string.

My problem is that the return value of naming.Reference("myschema", 
["somefile"]) (after
the property is computed) is a tuple of (component, Zconfig handler).

I know this is inherited from the way ZConfig handles file loading, but I 
don't want the
handler (I don't think).  What is the most elegent way of just getting the 
component (and
dropping the handler)?

Thanks for any help.


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