[PEAK] We're on Subversion now

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jul 1 23:57:34 EDT 2005

Please use these URLS for access to the main PEAK projects:

     ViewCVS:  http://svn.eby-sarna.com/

     Anonymous SVN:

I'll be updating all the various web pages that point to older stuff 
soon.  For the moment, I've got to run the svn2cvs script manually to 
backport stuff to CVS, so don't expect that to last for very long.  :)

Pretty much anything that's on the old CVS server is something I don't 
intend to work on in the near future.  Such things might get moved to 
Subversion if I resume work on them.  Otherwise, they should be considered 

 From here on out, do not make checkins to CVS, only to Subversion.

I decided not to set up a Trac installation initially, because I'm not sure 
how many subprojects we're going to end up splitting out, so I don't know 
what the final site should look like.  Indeed, I'm imagining that most PEAK 
projects won't need their own Trac installation just to have a wiki, 
support, or even a changelog.  However, I may nonetheless want separate 
installations in order to use the project-planning features and 
timelines.  But, to do what I want might require some hacking on Trac to 
wedge some kind of "subprojects" feature into it, so that milestones and 
the timeline can be viewed separately for each subproject, and the Wiki 
front page for each subproject is different.

Anyway, whatever tack I end up taking with that, it's currently lower on 
the priorities list than my ongoing work on setuptools/EasyInstall, and the 
PEAK breakup, especially the PyProtocols/RuleDispatch split, which is 
holding up both projects from making a release at the moment.

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