[PEAK] access violation with py24/msvc compiler

alexander smishlajev alex at ank-sia.com
Thu Jan 27 12:13:01 EST 2005

Phillip J. Eby wrote, at 27.01.2005 18:40:
>> i am trying to build PEAK for python2.4 with Microsoft Visual C++ 
>> Toolkit 2003, and i get access violation when i run test suite.

> Have you tried stepping through it in a debugger?

thanks, i did it now.  it is kjGraph.  the following command also raises
access violation:

    python -c "import kjbuckets; g=kjbuckets.kjGraph(); print g"

when importing peak.model.features, failing is line 470 in
method_exporter.py: 'vt += d' in MethodExporter.__init__()

i can get .keys() and .values() from a kjGraph object, but i do not know
what else i could try with it and what c function to look at.

>> the error does not occur if i build PEAK with mingw32 compiler.
> Which is interesting, to say the least.  I personally build and test 
> with mingw32, so I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that it works with 
> that.  But the other way failing is rather curious to say the least.

that's right.  to make it more funny, i could say that we have used msvc
toolkit 2003 to build python23 extensions for about half a year now, and
there were no errors.  today i have built the same PEAK sources with the
same compiler for python23, and all PEAK tests pass there.

best wishes,

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