[PEAK] Re-asking: Mixing peak app and twisted app

David Hirschfield davidh at ilm.com
Thu Dec 15 14:36:44 EST 2005

I'm very new to peak, and I know this question has been asked before, 
but I don't fully understand the answers...probably because I'm also 
relatively new to twisted.

What I want to do is actually really simple: I just want to run a 
twisted daemon, but I want it to be a peak app as well so it can load 
ini files etc.

My twisted code, which runs like a charm is, essentially:

from twisted.application import service, internet
from twisted.web import xmlrpc, server

class DaemonClass(xmlrpc.XMLRPC)

application = service.Application("daemon")
daemon = DaemonClass()

serverFactory = server.Site(daemon)
server = internet.TCPServer(8800, serverFactory)

So now I want to mix this with peak...but I'm not sure how to set up and 
run a peak app and launch the daemon. What do I make the daemon a 
sub-class of in peak? How does the application launch? Right now I've 
been launching via twistd...but I don't suspect I can continue doing that.


mediocre nebula.

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