[PEAK] peak.telecommunity.com is down until further notice

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Sep 18 13:19:58 EDT 2004

At 02:18 PM 9/17/04 -0400, Phillip J. Eby wrote:

>Anyway, I expect I shall be spending quite a bit of time rebuilding, and 
>attempting to restore as much of our data as possible.  The last few 
>weeks' IRC logs will definitely be lost, and there are about four CVS 
>checkins to reconstruct.  I guess it's a lucky thing I haven't been 
>working that heavily on PEAK in the last three weeks!  (I've been focusing 
>on trying to wrap up a final version of PEP 333.)

A quick update: I've now restored the main (static) website, ViewCVS, and 

Still down: the Wiki, anonymous CVS, and IRC logging.

I *think* this is a complete list of PEAK-related services (apart from 
nightly documentation runs); y'all let me know if I'm missing something.

I also still need to restore the four lost checkins to PEAK and PyProtocols 
CVS, and re-fix the PyProtocols 0.9.3 distribution zipfile to include 

Oh, and please avoid playing with services that I haven't pronounced 
"restored".  Thanks.

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