[PEAK] peak.telecommunity.com is down until further notice

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Sep 17 14:18:04 EDT 2004

FYI, the "pilot.telecommunity.com" server died last night due to hard drive 
failure.  It was not recoverable, so our ISP is building a fresh OS install.

Unfortunately, my most recent complete backup of the server is about three 
weeks old, due to a combination of hard drive problems on the backup, 
coupled with frequent hurricane-related power outages in the last few weeks.

The issue is further compounded by the fact that the OS that pilot was 
previously running is no longer supported by the ISP, so we're being 
upgraded to RedHat 9.  So, it's doubtful any binaries from my backups will 
work without a fight, and I expect it to take a while to get everything up 
and running again.

Also, that server handled my incoming email, so I'm currently not reachable 
by email.  (I'm sending this email directly to the eby-sarna mail server, 
but don't have a POP account there.)

Anyway, I expect I shall be spending quite a bit of time rebuilding, and 
attempting to restore as much of our data as possible.  The last few weeks' 
IRC logs will definitely be lost, and there are about four CVS checkins to 
reconstruct.  I guess it's a lucky thing I haven't been working that 
heavily on PEAK in the last three weeks!  (I've been focusing on trying to 
wrap up a final version of PEP 333.)

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