[TransWarp] PEAK Wiki

John Landahl john at landahl.org
Mon Oct 13 02:30:16 EDT 2003

Over the weekend I've worked on expanding the Wiki a bit, and have added
two pages:

  (a database app tutorial, in progress)

  (a set of links to interesting discussions on the mailing list)

I've also added a bit to the front page: a section with links to the
latest {CHANGES,TODO,README}.txt files from CVS, direct links to the
current items in the Cookbook, links to the two pages I added, and some
section dividers to improve readbility.

I'd like to propose that we repurpose the wiki to be a more general
place for the PEAK community to contribute and collaborate.  We could
really use a medium like this for user contributed tutorials, tips,
HOWTOs, FAQs, etc.

It might be a bit confusing if the wiki continues to be called the "PEAK
Developers Guide" -- this may be more of a personal preference, but it
just doesn't convey a general purpose and might even discourage people
from contributing.  Regardless, it definitely deserves a pointer from
the main PEAK page!

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