[TransWarp] Strange EntityDM behavior

John Landahl john at landahl.org
Tue Oct 7 14:13:09 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 10:50 am, Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> It's a PEAK bug.  I've just checked in a fix.

Just tested with the update and it works great.  Thanks for such a quick 

> There is, however, a minor bug in your script: each TableDM opens
> its own database connection, instead of sharing the one provided by
> 'App'.  Instead of binding to 'DATABASE' they should be using a key that
> you supply to 'offerAs', such as the PropertyName you are currently
> supplying.

In my actual application DATABASE points to PropertyName('db') much like in 
the Bulletins example.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get that e-mail out last 
night, so missed a substitution.  Thanks for pointing that out, though, and 
kudos to PEAK that it works either way.

John Landahl
john at landahl.org

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