[TransWarp] How to run PEAK application inside Plone

santosh panigrahy s_panigrahy at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 03:57:00 EDT 2003

Dear Sir,

I have installed PEAK-0.5a1.tar.gz by running 'python setup.py install'.I 
have also tested by running 'peak test' and it shows 308 tests run 

Now I want to execute PEAK applications in Zope and i am getting an error 
'invalid syntax'.I have used Script-Python to incorporate the code inside 
Plone.Plone is in /root directory of Linux and PEAK is installed in the 
site-packages directory of Python-2.2 installation.

The application which I want to run in Zope :It shows the error at line 
no.3(invalid syntax)

from peak.api import *
class Address:
     server =3D binding.requireBinding('server')
     db =3D binding.requireBinding('db')
     user =3D binding.requireBinding('user')
     passwd =3D binding.requireBinding('passwd')

class ContactsDB(MySQLConnection):

     __implements__ =3D storage.ISQLConnection

     address =3D Address()
     address.server =3D 'localhost'
     address.db =3D 'Contacts'
     address.user =3D 'roche'
     address.passwd =3D 'mypasswd'


Please help me as to how to run a PEAK application inside Plone/Zope which 
tries to connect to a mysql database in localhost.

regards Sushant

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