[TransWarp] PROPOSAL: New peak.web.template terminology/explanation

Ty Sarna tsarna at sarna.org
Tue Jul 22 12:37:17 EDT 2003

Oops, sent the last message privately -- I proposed "layout" as a
possible replacement for "as". Works well for plural data, less well for

But I had another thought...  "view" is out, and there is resistance to
"as"....  but what if we combine them into "view-as"?  It's intuitively
familiar from GUIs, especially file managers, and it seems to partially
mitigate the issue with "view" being overloaded. Though now that I think
of it in context, "show:view-as" sounds very clunky. Hmm... and for that
matter, so is "show:view".

I guess at this point "as" is my first choice, and "widget" my runner-up
if people feel strongly that it must be a noun.

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