[TransWarp] PROPOSAL: New peak.web.template terminology/explanation

Jean Jordaan jean at upfrontsystems.co.za
Tue Jul 22 03:14:04 EDT 2003

> <table
>   xmlns:show="http://peak.telecommunity.com/peak.web.templates/"
>   show:data="tabulardata"
>   show:as="list"
>  >
> <tr show:format="listItem">
>    <td class="oddrow" show:as="text">Odd row</td>
> </tr>

So far, I'd like to think that I can choose the namespace to 
fit the exigencies of potential XML processing, and so I'd
like the above to remain readable after eg. 's/show/pt'. If
we're generating XML, the PWT namespace might well be the 
default and unnecessary to write. I.e. namespace:tagname in 
XML doesn't normally get read as a phrase. "data" and 
"format" passes this test (I liked Ty's comment about the 
unfrozen programmer), but "as" doesn't. I'm too uninformed
to make any better suggestions though :/ 

Maybe "format_as" and "format_with" .. 

Jean Jordaan

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