[TransWarp] Example of composing component hierarchies in Wiki

Joel Boehland joel at memes.com
Tue Jul 15 15:37:33 EDT 2003

As a newby-ish PEAK-ster, one of the 
things that took a while for me to get 
my head around was how to compose 
Component Hiearchies. In particular, I 
was having a hard time seeing how Parent 
components provide objects in context 
for their children. I played around with 
PEAK this weekend, re-read a bunch of 
posts from the mailing list, and I think 
I've got it fairly straight in my head. 
I thought I'd post my example to the 
list in the hopes that it helps people 
using PEAK get up to speed faster than I 
did. Here's the link:

If anyone sees any errors, please fix them.

Joel Boehland

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