[TransWarp] First draft of PEAK logo

Roché Compaan roche at upfrontsystems.co.za
Tue Jul 16 02:53:23 EDT 2002

> ...can be seen at:
> http://telecommunity.com/TransWarp/
> Please let me know what you think.  Thanks.

To be brutally honest:

The logo makes me think of a mountain lodge :)  The
style that "PEAK" is written in is not bold enough
for an Enterprise Application Kit and the "A" looks
to much like a camp fire :)  

Let's have more StarTrek and less boy scout.

And it's far to big.

I am not a designer by far so take what I say with
a pinch of salt. I want to carry the "PEAK" badge proudly 
when I master it :)

Roché Compaan
Upfront Systems			http://www.upfrontsystems.co.za 

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