[TransWarp] SkinScript-to-Jars phrasebook, deleting objects, and terminology

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Mon Jul 1 10:55:16 EDT 2002

... after reading hours :)

as far as i understand your concepts, i like them ...

i have a few questions:

will it be possible to "transparently" change storage jars,
without modifying Elements that use it ??? so one could
switch between ZODB-storage jar and sql-st.jar (thinking
of query-issues and oid-incompatiblities,different name-mappings)

is a query-jar also for retrieving obj.ids (e.g. a list of
person-oids), and will it implement native-filters or
a unified (OQL-like) QL ??

a DataLayer definition would look similar to the
current as done in DataModel? (don't count on the
class-names .. just my imagination :)

class MyStorage(storage.persistent):

  class Users(DataManager):
    some dm-attrs here
    class User(State):
      some state-attrs here

or it is loaded via xml/etc config .. am I right ??

> 'peak.storage' as a top-level package doesn't sound bad, and a lot of the
> DB-related stuff I wanted to cram under 'peak.deployment' would probably
> go better there.  I'm just not sure if Jars should actually be Racks or
> PDM's or some other such thing, in PEAK nomenclature.
> Suggestions, anyone?

with naming i'm unsure as well ..
I basically like the idea, that a Specialist has a DataManager 
I can image to load a State from a DataManager, but i have no idea how
to call query-jars etc ...

peak.storage is fine with me and i like that storage relevant things will
go there.

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