[TransWarp] is there a chance that SEF class-tree's will be pickle-able??

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Thu Apr 4 16:10:50 EST 2002

> (By the way, I've just checked in pickling support for nested classes;
> note that this does not handle removing Once attributes from the pickled
> state, but should at least get you started.)

will try that .. thanks :)

> If I were creating a distributed GUI like this, I'd put the same domain
> model on both the client and server sides, and use different
> data/dispatch modules.  The client side would implement its data model by
> retrieving data from the server for commonly used batches of attributes,
> and implement other methods by calling remote methods on the server.

> If you're looking for a way to do make the existence of the network
> distribution invisible, forget about it.  Such a thing doesn't exist, and
> where it does exist, you don't want it.  You will pay severe penalties in
> both performance and maintenance.  It's much better to have explicit
> interfaces between processes; indeed, entire books have been written
> about why, and what it's better to do instead.  A good one is "Business
> Objects : Delivering Cooperative Objects for Client-Server", by Oliver
> Sims.

you're absolutly right with what you're saying.
and we want to use a domain-model as you descibe above.

i just wanted to be able to make a prototype with minimum effort ..

thanks again...

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