[TransWarp] Missing TW.Aspects

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Apr 4 15:40:46 EST 2002

At 10:11 PM 4/4/02 +0300, Miki Tebeka wrote:
>Hello Phillip,
>I'm doing a seminar on AOP and my lecture is on TransWarp.
>I'm very impressed with the system however I have one problem - I can't
>find TW.Aspects anywhere. I've downloaded 0.2 and ran "python setup.py
>install", everything seemed ok. However when I try the exapmles in the
>tutorial and do
>from TW.Aspects import Aspect
>I get 'ImportError: No module named asepcts'
>I've tried the CVS but it isn't there as well.
>Where can I get the Aspects module to toy with?

It's gone.  0.2 doesn't build components in the same way.  To use the old 
tutorials and examples, you must convert them to use separate modules and 
module inheritance.  They'll function in pretty much the same way.  If you 
check the list archives, there's a post with (a little) more detail at:


I'll be rewriting the examples myself at some point, but I don't have a 
whole lot of time for that just now; my daytime work is very busy at the 

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