[TransWarp] Twisted and TransWarp

Jean Jordaan jean at upfrontsystems.co.za
Thu Oct 11 07:52:32 EDT 2001

Hi all

I don't know if you're all familiar with this already, but reading
the Twisted FAQ reminded me strongly of certain aspects (specifically,
*aspects*) of TransWarp.




Adverb Oriented

    Twisted is "adverb oriented", which takes this one step further.
	Using inheritance and a simple naming convention, Twisted classes
	indicate what sort of events they are responding to.  This allows
	for conveniently extensible protocols along defined "vectors" for

    Let's say you wanted an object to be both a Twisted Reality player, and
	also an object accessible through Twisted PerspectiveBroker. You could
	define a class that looked like the following::

        class RemotePlayer(reality.player.Player, spread.pb.Referenced):
            def ability_kill(self, sentence): #kills another player
            def remote_killPlayer(self):      #remote callable method.

    Reality objects can have abilities, which you define by making a method
	prefixed with ability_. pb objects have remotely callable
	methods, which you define by making methods that begin with
	remote_; so this is effectively the same as a class, a
	snippet from the configuration file for a multi-user dungeon, and a
	remote interface definition file; the three of which are normally
	defined in different languages.  Using "adverb orientation" and some
	simple python features, we can avoid the need for macros or complex
	parsing to achieve this effect.

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