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Software project version numbering tool, similar to vertoo

This is partly intended to show how much simpler it is to develop a full-featured application when infrastructure like configuration files, transactions, and a commandline app framework are already provided by PEAK.

The application uses two input files. The first one is an executable configuration file that describes the version numbering scheme(s) used by the project, and lists all the files that should be edited when the version number is updated, and what strings to change in those files, using what version formats. The second file is a simple data file that contains the project's current version number.

To show or update the current version number(s), or perform other version-related functions, one simply executes the configuration file, passing any appropriate arguments. If necessary, the version data file will be automatically updated along with the files that are edited. Any changes made are done atomically: either all edits should succeed, or all changes will be rolled back.

The application is not completed yet, however, as other, higher-priority projects have been taking precedence. For a sample of what version configuration and data files will probably look like, see version and version.dat in the main PEAK source tree (same directory as

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Software project version numbering tool, similar to vertoo



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