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1 Writing Adaptors

Taken from the mail list thread

Adapting takes an input object, and returns the object if it provides the desired protocol. If the input object does not provide the protocol, a lookup takes place to find an adapter function that will convert the object or create a wrapper to adapt it.

From a user example:

class IEdible(Interface): 
     """Implements an edible behaviour on objects""" 
     def __init__(): 
         """a number of attributes that should be enabled in child""" 
     def PreObj(self, cmd=''): 
         """returns a cmd'string'""" 
class Food: 
     advise(instancesProvide = [IEdible]) 
     def __init__(self, pNames=''):  = 12 
     def PreObj(self, cmd=''): 
         print 'hurray' 
adapt(IEdible, Food) 

Food is a class. It does not provide IEdible, and you have not defined any adapters from it to IEdible.

However, you have declared that instances of Food provide IEdible. So this:


will return you the Food instance you passed in.

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