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installed using `Easy Install`_, and it has a fair amount of documentation,
including the following manuals:
* `Developer's Guide and Tutorial`_ (Extensively revised for 0.6a1)
* `Developer's Guide and Tutorial`_
* `Time, Event Loops, and Tasks`_ (NEW for 0.6a1)
* `Time, Event Loops, and Tasks`_
* `Event-Driven Collections with the Trellis`_ (NEW for 0.6a1)
* `Event-Driven Collections with the Trellis`_ (New features in 0.7a2)
* `Software Transactional Memory (STM) And Observers`_ (NEW for 0.6a1)
* `Software Transactional Memory (STM) And Observers`_
* `Porting Code from Older Trellis Versions`_
Release highlights for 0.7a2:
* Removed APIs that were deprecated in 0.7a1
* Rollback now occurs over an entire atomic operation, even if more than one
  recalc pass occurs within that atomic operation.
* Added ``collections.Hub`` type for publish/subscribe operations similar to
  PyDispatcher, but in a declarative, callback-free, and extensible manner.
* Various bugfixes
* `Porting Code from Older Trellis Versions`_ (NEW for 0.7a1)
Questions, discussion, and bug reports for the Trellis should be directed to
the `PEAK mailing list`_.

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