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1 What is this?

It's an object-relational mapper for use with SQL DB's. It's based on and peak.model and is an evolution of [WWW]some code [WWW]Ulrich Eck posted to the mailing list.

2 Development Status

You can use it. It works great.

SQLEntityDM and SQLQueryDM work: inserting rows, deleting them, and updating them are all hit by my production code. In addition, the API should be pretty stable (until the model metadata metamorphosis (explained below) if it happens). I have a dozen SQLEntityDM subclasses (with more on the way) to maintain now, so future changes will be considered with commensurate gravity. I hereby dub this version 0.1. As always, this code has no warranty and no guarantees.

I still intend to have a Trac+svn set up for this someplace before long; I'll post a link when I do.

I'm also still interested in comments on the API. Does anybody actually use SQLQueryDM? (I don't think it adds much value.) Are there useful cases my design is too brittle to support? (Do note the changes to the API I've already planned: do a case-sensitive grep for "Field".) (Okay, never mind that "Field" stuff; now, from ?PhillipEby's prompting, I'm thinking about scrapping the whole fields attribute and using binding.metadata somehow instead. I have to go learn that, though, before I say more.)

I'm not much interested (yet) in comments on the implementation, which is still as ugly as sin and will improve gradually. However, if anybody can answer the questions by the XXXs and TODOs, I'm all ears!

Thanks for your thoughts!

3 History

2005-10-11 (r943). Goal: API stability.

2005-09-01 (r902):

2005-08-23: Tweaked to conform to the interfaces it claims and to clean things up a bit.

4 Download

Get the package.
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