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SecurityPolicy is a config option that allows wiki admins to dynamically enable or disable certain key actions in a MoinMoin wiki, most notably editing and deleting content.

1 Mechanics

Security restrictions in a MoinMoin wiki work by the interface defined in the module. The Permissions class implements the basic interface for user permissions and system policy. If you want to define your own policy, inherit from that base class, so that when new permissions are defined, you get the defaults.

Then assign your new class to SecurityPolicy in moin_config; and I mean the class, not an instance of it!

2 Samples

2.1 Disable editing over HTTPS

This is used at [WWW]WEB.DE AG to make the main intra-net wiki available in read-only form via HTTPS. It's an extra security measure, in addition to password protection, against content changes from the outside. The same scheme can be used to have two different URLs pointing at the same wiki, and have only one of those URLs1 being able to edit the wiki. The net effect is that you have a read-only wiki editable only by certain people.

Add this to your

# permissions 
class SecurityPolicy( 
    def __init__(self, user):, user) 
        # no edits via https 
        from MoinMoin import webapi 
        self.edit = not webapi.isSSL() 
        self.delete = self.edit 

   1 An URL that is password-protected, by means of Apache server rules.
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