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1 Enabling Email Support

Setting "mail_smarthost" and "mail_from" in the configuration activates features that are explained below. These features are otherwise not available, since there are no general defaults.

This value is used for the "From:" header in the emails sent.

This is the IP or domain name of an [FOLDOC]SMTP enabled server. On a Unix host, you can try to use localhost; on a Windows machine this will normally be a machine in your LAN or some host of your ISP.

See also HelpOnConfiguration.

2 Email Features

MoinMoin currently offers two email-based services, which are explained in the following sections.

2.1 Sending Login Data

If emailing is available, the UserPreferences dialog is expanded with a field "Your email address" and a button " Mail me my account data ". The user can enter the email address he provided at registration and then gets an email containing all necessary data to re-login, after clicking the button.

2.2 Change Notification

Any user can subscribe to changes of wiki pages by either clicking on the envelope icon , or by adding a regex to the "Subscribed wiki pages" field of his UserPreferences. The system then sends, whenever a page is changed and the author doesn't uncheck the "Send mail notification" checkbox, an email with the author, a link to the page, and the diff of the change.

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