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Accessing Ecco With EccoChemistry

The EccoChemistry module lets you interface with the Ecco Pro PIM using an SQLAlchemy-like object mapping. It's primarily intended for batch interaction scripts, such as synchronization, importers, exporters, etc. An example:

>>> from ecco_chemistry import Ecco
>>> session = Ecco.NewFile()  # the Ecco global is a EccoDDE API object

>>> import ecco_chemistry as ec, datetime as dt, decimal as d

>>> class Task(ec.Item):
...     due      = ec.DateFolder('Due Dates')
...     effort   = ec.NumericFolder('Effort Hours', create=True)
...     priority = ec.PopupFolder('Priority', create=True)
...     serial   = ec.TextFolder('Task Serial #', create=True)

>>> t1 = Task("Overhaul the whatzit", serial="42A",
... ,11,1), effort=8, priority="High"
... )

>>> t2 = Task("Upload this module to PyPI", effort=d.Decimal("0.5"),
...           due=dt.datetime(2008,11,7, 20,30,40), priority="Medium",
...           serial="B59"
... )

>>> t3 = Task("Contemplate navel",
... ,12,31), effort=d.Decimal("0.25"),
...           priority="Low", serial="K27",
... )

>>> for t in (Task.due<,1,1,)):  # query by folder
...     print "%s: %s" % (t.text, t.due)
Overhaul the whatzit: 2008-11-01
Upload this module to PyPI: 2008-11-07 20:30:00

>>> for t in +Task.effort:  # ascending sort by folder (desc. uses "-")
...     print "%s: %s hrs" % (t.text, t.effort)
Contemplate navel: 0.25 hrs
Upload this module to PyPI: 0.5 hrs
Overhaul the whatzit: 8 hrs

>>> Task.serial['B59'].text     # dictionary interface
'Upload this module to PyPI'

>>> 'B59' in Task.serial

>>> print Task.serial.get('Q22')    # no such Task

>>> t4 = Task.serial.setdefault('Q22', "Another task", priority="Low")
>>> t4.serial

>>> t4.parent = t3  # Set parent item
>>> t4.parent.text
'Contemplate navel'

>>> [t.text for t in t3.children]   # Setting parent prepends to children
['Another task']

>>> t3.children.prepend(t1)     # Children have prepend/append methods
>>> t3.children.append(t2)
>>> [t.text for t in t3.children]
['Overhaul the whatzit', 'Another task', 'Upload this module to PyPI']

>>> t4.children = t3.children   # Can assign to an iterable of items
>>> [t.text for t in t3.children]   # item can't be its own child, so stays
['Another task']
>>> [t.text for t in t4.children]   # ...and the others get moved
['Overhaul the whatzit', 'Upload this module to PyPI']

>>> t4.parent = None    # setting parent to None makes it a top-level item
>>> list(t3.children)   # and removes it from the previous parent

#>>> for t in Task.startswith("O"): print t.text
Overhaul the whatzit

#>>> for t in Task.with_text("e"): print t.text
#>>> for t in Task.without_text("e"): print t.text

Please note a few important limitations:

Some operations not supported by EccoChemistry can still be performed via the Ecco singleton, which is an ecco_dde.EccoDDE instance. (See the EccoDDE developer's guide for more information on its API.) "Item" and "Folder" objects have id attributes that can be passed to the EccoDDE API, and you can also create items and folders using ids retrieved from the EccoDDE API:

>>> ec.CheckmarkFolder(ec.CheckmarkFolder('PhoneBook').id).name

>>> for tid in Ecco.GetFolderItems(ec.DateFolder('Due Dates').id):
...     print Task(tid).text
Overhaul the whatzit
Upload this module to PyPI
Contemplate navel

>>> t5 = Task(t4)
>>> t5.text
'Another task'

>>> t4.text = "Oops"
>>> t5.text

Please consult the complete EccoChemistry developer's guide for more details. Questions, comments, and bug reports for this package should be directed to the PEAK mailing list.

Developer's Guide

Undocumented/untested Features:

Folder parent/child info:

>>> f = ec.Folder('New Columns')

>>> f.children
[TextFolder('Net Location'),
 DateFolder('Recurring Note Dates'),
 NumericFolder('Effort Hours'),
 TextFolder('Task Serial #')]

>>> f.parent
CheckmarkFolder('Ecco Folders')

Internals and Tests

XXX Folders should be renameable or else .name should be read-only


>>> Ecco.CloseFile(session)
>>> Ecco.close()

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