E&S CVS Commit: Fixed PyProtocols speedup for python 2.4 with 0.9

prz prz at net4u.ch
Fri Oct 9 03:30:54 EDT 2009

After some recent upgrades I made here I realized that the speedup.c
fell apart and the any newer pyrex couldn't process the speedup.pyx because
of exception changes (as well the trick with void * does not work anymore
in new pyrex, pointer casts do not anymore INCREF sine
So I fixed the whole seven yards up ('nuff coffee and reading ;-)

Anybody interested in reviewing it please let me know ? Can I put it in
the repo after review ?

I actually ended up putting _adapt and Protocol__adapt__ as simply compiled
python code from the main implementation (albeit I fixed up the original
as well).  That made only 2% speedup difference and I perceived the
gain in readability/sturdiness is worth it.

PyProtocols is some awesome piece of work, BTW

    -- tony

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