E&S CVS Commit: Contextual - Initial draft of the "Contextual" library, peak.util.context. This

pje at eby-sarna.com pje at eby-sarna.com
Sat Nov 12 20:43:01 EST 2005

Author: pje
Date: Sat Nov 12 20:17:01 2005
New Revision: 2101

URL: http://svn.eby-sarna.com?rev=2101&view=rev
Initial draft of the "Contextual" library, peak.util.context.  This
library offers a variety of tools for dynamic context management,
roughly equivalent to a subset of peak.config and peak.binding, but
with far less code, complexity, and coupling.  The contextual tools
can be used without interfaces, components, or component hierarchies,
and provide a more dynamic concept of operations than ServiceArea.
In addition, the Context tools are thread-safe, even for generator-based
pseudothreads.  Python 2.4 is required.

    Contextual/context.txt   (with props)
    Contextual/peak/__init__.py   (with props)
    Contextual/peak/util/__init__.py   (with props)
    Contextual/peak/util/context.py   (with props)
    Contextual/setup.cfg   (with props)
    Contextual/setup.py   (with props)

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