E&S CVS Commit: PyProtocols - Implement Twisted-style 'IFoo(ob)' as shorthand for 'adapt(ob,IFoo)'. As

pje at eby-sarna.com pje at eby-sarna.com
Sun May 30 01:00:00 EDT 2004

Module Name:	PyProtocols
Committed By:	pje
Date:		Sun May 30 04:59:29 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	PyProtocols: CHANGES.txt
	PyProtocols/docs/ref: libprotocols.tex
	PyProtocols/src/protocols: _speedups.c _speedups.pyx interfaces.py
	PyProtocols/src/protocols/tests: __init__.py checks.py

Log Message:
Implement Twisted-style 'IFoo(ob)' as shorthand for 'adapt(ob,IFoo)'.  As
a result, there's now an 'AbstractBase' you can subclass instead of
'Interface', if you need the old behavior.  See CHANGES.txt and the updated
docs for the full lowdown.  (Note that *all* 'Protocol' subclasses other
than 'AbstractBase' now do this, not just 'Interface'.)  Note that this
change will break 'peak.util.fmtparse' (at least), so I'm going to go fix
that next.

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