E&S CVS Commit: PEAK - 'peak.web' is born; just interface sketches and a draft of 'BaseInteraction'

pje at eby-sarna.com pje at eby-sarna.com
Wed Jun 25 20:39:00 EDT 2003

Module Name:	PEAK
Committed By:	pje
Date:		Thu Jun 26 00:38:05 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	PEAK: CHANGES.txt setup.py
	PEAK/src/peak: peak.ini
	PEAK/src/peak/running: commands.py interfaces.py
Added Files:
	PEAK/src/peak/web: __init__.py interfaces.py publish.py
Removed Files:
	PEAK/src/peak/running: zpublish.py

Log Message:
'peak.web' is born; just interface sketches and a draft of 'BaseInteraction'
for now.  CGI support has been moved from 'peak.running.zpublish' into
'peak.running.commands' (for "raw" CGI/FastCGI) and 'peak.web' (for the
PEAK high-level publishing framework).  You can use 'peak CGI someName' to
adapt 'someName' to a 'running.IRerunnableCGI' and run it as a CGI/FastCGI.
This will form the basis for creating the web version of an app later;
you'll do something like::

   class MyAppAsCGI(web.CGIPublisher):
       app = binding.New(MyAppClass)

And then use 'peak CGI import:somepkg.MyAppAsCGI' to run it.  Or, if your
app wants to exec a config file, you might define your CGIPublisher
subclass as an adapter from MyAppClass to IRerunnableCGI, rather than
invoking it directly.

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