E&S CVS Commit: PEAK - REINSTALL WARNING: a package was removed from setup.py on this change,

pje at eby-sarna.com pje at eby-sarna.com
Sat Apr 5 15:45:00 EST 2003

Module Name:	PEAK
Committed By:	pje
Date:		Sat Apr  5 20:44:59 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	PEAK: TODO.txt setup.py
	PEAK/src/peak/config: modules.py
	PEAK/src/peak/metamodels/UML13: __init__.py
	PEAK/src/peak/util: imports.py
Added Files:
	PEAK/src/peak/metamodels: core_addons.py
Removed Files:
	PEAK/src/peak/metamodels/UML13/Foundation: Core.py __init__.py

Log Message:
REINSTALL WARNING: a package was removed from setup.py on this change,
so be sure to *delete* your PEAK installation from 'site-packages' before
reinstalling.  Also be sure to update your checkout with 'cvs update -dPA'.

Change notes:

* It's now possible to use 'config.declareModule()' to patch third-party
  (i.e. non-PEAK) modules, and also to pre-declare inheritance or patch
  data for modules inherited via package inheritance.  This was done to
  make PEAK/Zope reusage/patching easier, and also to ease patching of
  large generated-code models (like UML and CWM).

* The patches to add "Pythonic features" to UML models are now in a
  separate module, 'peak.metamodels.core_addons', so that they can be
  shared amongst all UML versions.  This was made possible by the
  new 'declareModule()' function.

* Cleaned up and removed the now-unnecessary subpackage of UML13 that was
  there just to provide a home for the patches that can now be applied by
  "remote control", so to speak.

* 'lazyModule()' now has an extra parameter that can be used to hook the
  initial loading of a module.  This was added so that 'declareModule()'
  can patch modules when they are loaded.

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cvs rdiff -r0 -r1.1 PEAK/src/peak/metamodels/core_addons.py
cvs rdiff -r1.3 -r1.4 PEAK/src/peak/metamodels/UML13/__init__.py
cvs rdiff -r1.5 -r0 PEAK/src/peak/metamodels/UML13/Foundation/Core.py
cvs rdiff -r1.2 -r0 PEAK/src/peak/metamodels/UML13/Foundation/__init__.py
cvs rdiff -r1.6 -r1.7 PEAK/src/peak/util/imports.py

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