E&S CVS Commit: PEAK - PropertyName -> peak.api; Improved lazy import facility

pje at eby-sarna.com pje at eby-sarna.com
Sun Nov 10 15:08:00 EST 2002

Module Name:	PEAK
Committed By:	pje
Date:		Sun Nov 10 20:07:30 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	PEAK/src/peak/api: __init__.py
	PEAK/src/peak/binding: components.py
	PEAK/src/peak/config: api_impl.py config_components.py interfaces.py
	PEAK/src/peak/naming: contexts.py names.py properties.py
	PEAK/src/peak/running: api.py clusters.py logs.py
	PEAK/src/peak/storage: SQL.py
	PEAK/src/peak/util: imports.py

Log Message:
PropertyName -> peak.api; Improved lazy import facility

* naming.PropertyName is now simply PropertyName; it never really had much
  to do with naming in the first place, doesn't depend on anything else,
  and needs to be accessible in all major subpackages and in end-user API
  calls.  So now it's in-line in the peak.api module.

* Added a 'lazyModule(moduleName)' function to peak.util.imports.  This
  new "next generation" way of creating a lazily-loaded module actually
  creates an object that *will be* the real module in sys.modules, and once
  loaded will be indistinguishable from an ordinary Python module.  (Well,
  under Python 2.3 the type() will be different, but you can't have
  everything.)  I was getting really fed up of tracing into
  lazyImport.__getattr__ during debugging sessions, so I was inspired to
  come up with something that would only have code overhead when it's first
  touched.  Subclassing ModuleType, adding a __getattribute__ method, and
  clever use of the Python 'reload()' function saved the day.

* This now completes all the non-documentation items I want for 0.5a1,
  although I may "work ahead" a little on the features list, especially if
  Ty keeps pressing for SQL type maps and LDAP schemas.  ;)  (In truth, I'd
  like those and some of the other database features Real Soon Now myself.)

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