[PEAK] Re: Licensing for DecoratorTools 1.8

Evaldo Gardenali gardenali at google.com
Fri Dec 7 10:34:03 EST 2012


I am re-sending my request now that I joined the mailing list. Please
advise on licensing.


Evaldo Gardenali

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Evaldo Gardenali <gardenali at google.com> wrote:
> Hello Phillip,
> I want to use DecoratorTools 1.8, but I cannot find a LICENSE file or
> equivalent in the package. The metadata suggests it is available in
> PSF or ZPL, but does not mention the version of these licenses.
> Can you please confirm which licensing terms and which versions of
> those apply to the code?
> Regards
> Evaldo Gardenali

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