[PEAK] Anybody still using Python 2.3?

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jul 31 12:59:34 EDT 2009

I'm thinking about dropping support for Python 2.3 shortly.  Mainly, 
I'd like to start requiring Python 2.4 in the 0.7 series of 
setuptools, as this will allow me to drop some kludgery.

In general, however, I'd also like to start dropping Python 2.3 
support from other packages, with an emphasis on phasing out the 
quirkier aspects of DecoratorTools usage.  Also, 2.4 has built-in 
sets, threading.local, datetime, unittest-doctest support, etc. etc. 
-- all of which (and more) there are numerous backport kludges for in 
PEAK projects.

Any thoughts?

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