[PEAK] list of non-deprecated PEAK-like projects?

Baylis Shanks bshanks3 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 11 03:14:10 EST 2009

Hi, I noticed that PJE does interesting things and so I
thought I'd see what else is available. According to
http://www.eby-sarna.com/pipermail/peak/2007-June/002710.html, there
are a bunch of soon-to-be-deprecated projects including PyProtocols and
RuleDispatch, as well as binding, config, events. And these are being
obsoleted by newer projects including Contextual, PEAK-Rules, and
Trellis. In addition, there are other projects which were spun off of
PEAK such as WSGI, setuptools, Importing, DecoratorTools, and

Is there a webpage somewhere that lists all of the currently available
not-(soon-to-be-deprecated) projects originating here, including
spinoffs? I'd just like to take a look at such a list to make sure I'm not missing
anything cool. 


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