[PEAK] DecoratorTools will not run with python -OO

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Dec 7 17:43:34 EST 2009

At 05:19 PM 12/7/2009 -0500, Christopher Stelma wrote:
>That was just an example, the same would need to be done for all
>template functions.  I haven't looked into the internals enough to
>know what could be replaced.

Every function in *every other library* that uses DecoratorTools' 
rewrap() function would have to be changed.  And rewrap() is part of 
the public API, as described here:


The best I think that can be done is change DecoratorTools to raise a 
better error in case of missing docstrings, and issue either a 
warning or an error when its own docstrings are missing.  In both 
cases, the message should mention that -OO removes docstrings and may 
not be compatible.

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