[PEAK] Re: trellis.Set.discard

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Oct 21 20:50:39 EDT 2008

At 08:58 PM 10/21/2008 +0300, Sergey Schetinin wrote:
>Here's another test:
>class C1(Component):
>     x = attr()
>     @maintain
>     def rule(self):
>         self.x = 1
>class C2(Component):
>     c1 = make(C1)
>     @compute
>     def calc(self):
>         return self.c1.x
>c = C2()
>@make is triggered inside compute, so C1.rule ends up running with

Hm.  ISTM that this is a bug in Component creation, in that it should 
push and restore read-onlyness.  The make() should be idempotent with 
respect to the @compute rule.  Are there any other use cases for side 
transactions?  So far it seems to me that the use cases are all just 
fixing Trellis bugs.  :)

By the way, thank you for reporting and investigating all these 
bugs.  Hopefully I'll have some time soon to fix them all, now that 
it's reasonably clear how to do so.

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