[PEAK] Trellis WXEventLoop patch

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Jun 25 11:15:23 EDT 2008

At 07:46 PM 6/21/2008 +0300, Sergey Schetinin wrote:
>from peak.events.trellis import *
>from peak.events.activity import *
>import wx
>app = wx.App()
>loop = WXEventLoop()
>event = Time[0.00001]
>def dependency():
>     if event: pass

This code simply goes into an infinite loop on my machine....  What 
does it do on yours?

If I add other code to it (such as changing 'pass' to 
'loop.call(loop.stop)', I can get it to randomly either loop or run 
correctly.  What I can't get it to do is produce any sort of test 
failure in a reliable fashion.

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