[PEAK] Regular functions vs generic functions

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Feb 15 13:30:43 EST 2008

At 10:40 AM 2/15/2008 -0600, Aaron Lebo wrote:
>Wow. This is all very informative.
>Back to the practical applications of Peak-Rules. Should I design my 
>applications using a mix of functions and generic functions, or only 
>generic functions? If the former, what is the best way of 
>determining 'this looks like a good place for a function' and 'this 
>looks like a good place for a generic function'?

Er, I thought we already explained that.

If you're using PEAK-Rules, you can just write functions -- and add 
rules as needed.  There is no up-front decision to make, because 
*all* functions are generic, as far as PEAK-Rules is concerned.

Of course, some functions, you'll know in advance are generic -- 
anything that you would use a visitor pattern for, for 
example.  However, it still doesn't matter, because with PEAK-Rules 
you still just define a regular function, and then add rules as needed.

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