[PEAK] Trellis-ified wx Dialog

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jul 19 19:20:48 EDT 2007

At 02:31 PM 7/19/2007 -0700, Grant Baillie wrote:
>Oh, sorry, I had inserted an __init__ just to stick in a 
>pdb.set_trace () and call to super(...).__init__. But, even without 
>that __init__,
>I get the NoneType Error from line 33 of the attached code (with
>similar trace).

First bug...  Woohoo!  :)

What's happening is that setting a value in a new cell is deferred 
until the next "moment of time"...  which means that reading it sees 
the old value of 'None' that it was created with.

The other bug is that components' cells shouldn't induce a dependency 
for the rule that creates the component.  This quirk was causing the 
EditBridges to get re-created, which then made all sorts of weird 
things happen.

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