[PEAK] Adobe's Trellis?

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Jul 18 19:41:25 EDT 2007

It seems Adobe has a C library that resembles the Trellis in some 
respects, and may be used in products such as Photoshop:


Dubbed "Adam", it uses a custom expression language based on C, with 
its own VM.  Of particular interest is something under the Goals section:


"""Reviewing bugs across a range of Adobe products revealed that 
roughly 40% of Adobe products' bugs are "behavioral" in nature. Many 
of these bugs (4 out of 20 in the Photoshop sampling) simply could 
not have happened using Adam. Other bugs, though they may still 
occur, will be easier to find and fix or will be eliminated 
altogether by moving more of the implementation closer to the design 

In other words, they're projecting a minimum 8% decrease in bugs 
overall, plus additional gains in ease of debugging or implementation.

It would be interesting to see how that's worked out for them in 
practice, and also how it affects total development cost.  (Since 
hairy event-driven bugs can sometimes be more expensive to fix than 
writing entire new features.)

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