[PEAK] Dependencies before calling setup()

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jul 3 11:50:33 EDT 2007

At 06:16 PM 7/3/2007 +0400, Timur Izhbulatov wrote:
>Hi all,
>I use Cheetah in my project and want to precompile templates in my 
>project's setup.py. So, I need to have Cheetah installed *before* 
>setup() is called.

Don't do that.  setup scripts must *never* perform such actions 
before setup() is called.  What if someone is just running "setup.py 
--help", after all?

NEVER do this.  easy_install's sandboxing code will also reject your 
package as unsafe to run if you attempt something like this.

>I'm trying to use setuptools.command.easy_install.main(['Cheetah']) 
>but I can't find any way to update sys.path after that. Is there any 
>'official' way to do this?

The official way to require that a package is available during 
setup() execution is viat the 'setup_requires' keyword, similar to 
the 'install_requires' keyword.  If you need the same package in both 
situations, you must list it in both keywords.

To actually do the precompile, you should subclass the install_data 
or install_lib command, and override its run() method to do the 
compilation, as well as doing whatever it did before.  You use the 
'cmdclass' keyword to setup() to pass in a dictionary mapping command 
names to your subclass(es).

Your subclasses *must* honor the options they are given, and not 
attempt to install anything except where they are told.  The options 
will be available as attributes of the instance created by the distutils.

(Oh, and speaking of the distutils, the correct place for 
discussion/support of setuptools is the distutils-SIG.  Please direct 
future correspondence there.  Thanks.)

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