[PEAK] Suggestion concerning RuleDispatch

Christoph Zwerschke cito at online.de
Mon Apr 23 02:18:42 EDT 2007

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> Actually, the breakage was that setup.py listed the wrong version of 
> PyProtocols.  It's fixed in SVN now; thanks for the report.

My point was actually that RuleDispatch directly imports 
peak.util.decorators, e.g. in /RuleDispatch/src/dispatch/functions.py
so shouldn't it explicitly list DecoratorTools in its install_requires?
I understand that it gets DecoratorTools indirectly because PyProtocols 
requires them, but wouldn't it be cleaner to state the dependency 
explicitly? Then it wouldn't matter so much which version of PyProtocols 
you use. And what if you drop the use of DecoratorTools in PyProtocols 
some day and somebody installs the current RuleDispatch?

-- Chris

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