[PEAK] easy_install connection problem

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Apr 10 18:55:11 EDT 2007

At 05:03 PM 4/10/2007 -0400, Mauricio Farah wrote:
>Thanks for your quick response.
>Yes, the URL is responding from the browser and from command window
>using ping (I can ping <http://chesseshop.python.org>chesseshop.python.org 
>but not 
>(I don't know if it is "pingeable" though)

Did you check it at the *same time* as you were trying to use 
easy_install?  If not, it doesn't indicate anything.  (Pingability is 

If you did check it at the same time, and it doesn't work, then there is a 
problem with either firewall, proxy, or other internet security settings, 
such that Python programs are not allowed to access the 'net.  You can 
verify this by running code such as this (all on one line):

python -c "from urllib2 import urlopen; 

If you receive a similar error to the one easy_install gives you, this will 
confirm that the problem is not with easy_install, but with your firewall, 
proxy, or other internet security settings for Python programs.  I don't 
use Windows XP and don't know what bundled security programs came with your 
computer, so I can't help you beyond that point.

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